1. What if the request is a scam or fraud?

Yes, we understand that this would be the first thing running on most people’s minds. We are well aware that fraudulent activities are all over the internet, but they cannot be truly eradicated through a technical method alone. It takes everyone involved to reduce the possibilities of it happening. As platform administrators, we provide a 'Report' function for you to use in the event you suspect a scam or an inappropriate request. By reporting a suspicious request, we would be notified and will be able to then intervene appropriately. As we progress forward, we will be able to understand the types of fraudulent activities happening on the platform and plan for necessary interventions. We are committed to continuously improve our security and verification processes. The ‘Behaviour & Conduct Guidelines’ are in place to cultivate and encourage people to use this platform in the right way for the right things. Together we can make this world a better place.

2. What is the Waymaker?

Waymaker is an online platform that connects people who need help with people who can help.

3. What are the main advantages of Waymaker?

     - Request and Respond privately

     - Request to a specific demographic of people

     - Respond according to your convenience

     - Respond directly to the requester on specific needs

4. Are there any payments/costs related to the Waymaker?

     - No. Registration and usage of the Waymaker online platform is free of charge.

5. Why do I need to provide my phone number?

     - This is so that the requester is able to contact you via Whatsapp after your response.

6. How do I follow up on the need?

     - Refer to MY REQUEST in ‘How it Works?’ section below

7. Can I provide the physical help alone?

     - Yes, however it is highly recommended to get at least a friend or family member to tag along for safety purposes.

8. What security features are there to prevent fraud or sabotage?

     - Currently, all users are required to sign up with a Malaysian registered mobile number. Users are able to ‘Report’ a certain request that seems inappropriate. This report alerts the admin to intervene accordingly.

9. How it Works?

a) Registering an account/ Signing up with Waymaker

You may SIGN UP with Waymaker:

i) Using your email address or

ii) Single Sign On (SSO) option using your existing Facebook or Google account

b) Edit profile

Create your profile with your personal information including your name, your email address, your contact number, your location of residence, gender, spoken language, ethnicity, religion and date of birth. You may also post your photo.

You will also be required to select at least one category you are willing to help in which include meals & groceries, education, IT & Technology, religious needs, pets and others.

c) Helping someone/ Meeting a need (on NEEDSBOX)

The NEEDSBOX is a feeds list which lists down all the matching needs requests to the user. You have an option to RESPOND to any request he/she is able to meet at any time.

d) Creating a help request (REQUEST)

When you have a need, you can ask for help by clicking on the REQUEST button. You can choose the category in which you need help. If the category of help you are looking for is not there, you can choose others. After selecting the category, you are able to give a short description of your need in ‘Details of your need’.

After that you can select the location of where the need is required. You may also choose the type of person/people you would like to receive help from.

e) Managing your help request/s (MY REQUEST)

Once you have created a REQUEST, it will appear on MY REQUEST page. You can click on the MY REQUEST button to view the list requests you have created. If someone responds to your request by clicking on the RESPOND button on their NEEDSBOX page, you would receive a notification to show you who has responded to your request. You can click on VIEW ‘n’ RESPONSES to see the list of people who have responded to the request. Once you have decided who you would like to receive help from (can receive help from multiple people), you can click on the WhatsApp button to directly communicate with them.

Once you are satisfied with the response and had your need met, you may proceed to CLOSE REQUEST and click YES, SEND THANKS to all those who helped and offered to help.

If you would like to cancel the request, you may proceed to CLOSE REQUEST and press the ‘NO, CANCEL REQUEST’ button.

f) Reporting inappropriate Requests (REPORT)

If you come across an inappropriate REQUEST in your NEEDSBOX which may contain profanity, elements of fraud, hate speech, irrelevant content, spam, direct selling etc., you may click the REPORT button which is located at the top right corner of each REQUEST.

The Administrator would then take appropriate actions to handle this case.